Albanian State Police statement on legal prevention and punishment of all those who spread panic with destabilizing news through false announcements on social networks.

The State Police is taking preventive measures and the legal punishment of all those who spread panic with destabilizing news through false, announcements on social networks, following constant monitoring to detect and fight against any case of abuse with this natural disaster situation, aiming not only at the physical safety of the citizens but also at ensuring peace and security.

Thus, in Tirana, citizens Erland Dalliu, 29, resident in Tirana and Gentian Çekeli, 39, resident in Tirana, administrators of the website Jeta Osht Qejf, were prosecuted.

These citizens, through the site under their administration, have allowed the publication of false notices, which sow panic among citizens.

Specifically, this site on 28.11.2019 distributed a notice, which alludes to the large number of victims found in the Tirana mortuary.

Immediately following the publication of the notice, specialized cybercrime, economic and financial crime investigation and anti-terrorism investigation structures have conducted procedural actions to document the publication of this notice and other notices of this nature.

The verifications carried out showed that this announcement was completely false and malicious aimed at spreading panic and fear among the citizens.

The State Police is monitoring every minute and will prosecute any person who publishes fake news, which spreads panic among citizens.

At the same time, we notify all citizens to report 112, the Digital Commissariat and the official websites of the State Police on social networks, for any false notices published on social networks aimed at destabilizing citizens.

The State Police invites the media and citizens to turn to the State Police and other state institutions for any information that may raise doubts.
Thank you!

Director of the Directorate of Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes in the State Police Lutfi Minxhozi